Studio MAI A balance between conceptual design and meticulous detail. Studio MAI is a multidisciplinary design and boutique manufacturing studio based in Los Angeles, CA. The studio prides itself on creating spaces that form fit the brand to each client. From the interior concepting to the custom manufacturing the studio embraces a desire to push boundaries. We draw on global nuances and sensibilities to entice, engage and dance with perceptions and life experiences. The studio has over the years worked with some inspired owners, chefs and developers and as a result has amassed an international portfolio that includes boutique hotels and award winning restaurants

Studio MAI

Bradbury Building
304 South Broadway
Studio 400
Los Angeles
CA. USA. 90013



This 12-seat Japanese restaurant spearheaded by Yoshi Okai provides customers with a multi-course omakase experience fusing Tokyo-style sushi and Kyoto-style kaiseki into a heightened, seasonal culinary offering. Minimalist installation crafted from simple materials: burned cedar panels, redwood countertops, hand crafted blue plaster walls and delicate copper accents enable the customer to maintain a pure, driven focus on the soft texture and aroma of the food being prepared.