Studio MAI is a multi-disciplinary design and specialty manufacturing studio based in Los Angeles. Our material expertise allows us to push the boundaries of design, creating products, interiors and alternative methods of construction which provide innovative solutions to the built environment. Our team draws on a wide range of backgrounds integrating fine art, branding, interior, graphic and industrial design. Our International portfolio includes boutique hotels and restaurants as well as residential and condominium projects.

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Hinoki and The Bird

A hidden indoor/outdoor, ground floor space situated in Century City, CA created by Chef David Myers is an exquisite ode to casual elegance. The restaurant pushes modern California cooking to vibrant new bounds - a colorful kaleidoscope where bright flavors, a healthful sensibility, and flawless technique mix and mingle. You’ll detect a sweet, smoky wood in the air - the “hinoki,” the Japanese cedar that summons the feeling you get when entering a serene garden centered in a rustic, Japanese log cabin.